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Gaillac winesBraucol is a local appellation of the Gaillac vineyard to name this variety from the south-west more commonly called Fer servadou. Braucol is distinguished by its tannic potential and its aromatic typicity where red fruits and spices are accompanied by vegetal evocations. From this profile emerges the call for vinification and aging capable of rounding off the structure and sublimating the bouquets.

In Vinum, a pure Braucol

For the winegrower, Braucol has character. He is capricious and of sometimes unforeseen fertility. It is also the bearer of a history that saw it unfold along the paths of Compostela in medieval times. Because the Braucol which one supposes of Spanish stock should its establishment in the south-west with the conveying of the pilgrims. At Sarrabelle domain, where the taste for history lives in the house, it was essential that the work of Braucol rediscover a historical fiber. From this spirit which reconciles memory and enhancement of indigenous grape varieties was born the cuvée In Vinum. It can be considered as the top of the range of the domain and the signature of its know-how.

In Vinum, the time of the cellar

The hardiness and liveliness of Braucol require a good mastery of maturation in the cellar. This work is at the heart of the attention that Fabien and Laurent Caussé relate to the cuvée In Vinum. The Sarrabelle method is an obvious mastery, resulting from the fruit of family experience. Because it is primarily a question of taming the tannic temperaments of the grape variety while deploying its aromas. The aging time plays a decisive role. At Sarrabelle, the Braucol stays primarily in 400-liter oak barrels. For twenty-four months, the stake is of course in controlling the woodiness and developing a typical bouquet of Braucol. This is how at Sarrabelle domain we made the choice to refine the cuvée In Vinum in the tradition of amphora wine for 12 additional months.

In Vinum, an amphora wine

The need for long aging that can reconcile both the virtues of wood and the time-saving work has thus been resolved. Because at Sarrabelle it is indeed amphora wine that we make, with the determination to sublimate one of the most typical grape varieties of Gaillac. From the final stay in terracotta emerges a vintage whose Latin elegance of the name reminds us that Gaillac is an ancestral land of wine. This is how this famous Braucol, one of whose aromatic characteristics is to be distinguished by a vegetal accent, on the contrary rounds off at Sarrabelle to make it dominate its expressions of red fruits and spices. Thus, blueberry and blackcurrant come to flirt with all the aromatic and structural complexity of aging in barrels then in amphorae, making In Vinum an essential wine on the Gaillac vineyard.

Sarrabelle domain

Classified in AOP Gaillac, the vineyard of Sarrabelle domain thrives on exceptional soils. The vinifications are particularly careful and the most elaborate admirably reconcile the virtues of barrels and amphorae.

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